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Moist Diane BOTANICAL is enriched with an opulent blend of mild, natural extracts, suitable for even a baby's delicate skin. Formulated with 2 plant-derived, highly effective moisturizing ceramides that keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

YUZU Ceramide

Compared to other plant-derived ceramide, YUZU ceramide has a closer structural similarity to human ceramide. As a result, this exceptional water-soluble property is widely used in skin and hair care products.

RICE Ceramide

Rice ceramide promotes excellent moisture retention in the comparable to Yuzu ceramide. It possesses the same structure as the ceramide (intercellular lipid), which is the main component of the stratum corneum (outermost layer of human skin) and also works to better fortify the skin barrier.
  1. Non-silicone
  2. Animal raw material free
  3. Synthetic pigment free
  4. Petroleum-based surfactants
  5. Mineral oil free
  6. Paraben free
  7. Alcohol free
  1. Mineral oil free
  2. Paraben free
  3. Alcohol free
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